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Aquatrade Australia is a 100% Australian owned company and was established mid 2007. We have over 20 years experience the Aquarium and Reptile Industry. Our company started by importing direct from China a select range of Aqua One products. We still deal in this Aqua One range and over the past 12 months we have been establishing a new range of quality affordable aquarium products branded under the H2O PRO Water Professional Brand. We call our range the 'PREMIUM SERIES' because these products are tested in Australia as high quality and very reliable. We offer minimum 12 months warranty on this range. We have also developed a smart, modern range of packaging with simple easy to follow 'Australianised' text and instructions. We will be adding many new lines to the range over the next 12 months where Aquatrade should be able to supply the complete range of everything aquatic. Aquatrade also has the Australian agency for the Repti Zoo range of reptile accessories. Aquatrade's product range will always be increasing as we design new lines and add them to our range.

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